More than a year ago, we started a strategic planning process for Missouri Travel Council. We wanted to clarify our goals, mission and vision, as well as how we presented ourselves to the public.

One of the first actions was to consider our mission statement. Good mission statements use simple language to state why an organization exists. This is our organization’s elevator speech.  Our previous mission statement clocked in at 90 words. That made for a very long elevator ride!

Our new mission statement states clearly and concisely what our organization stands for: Champion the travel industry in Missouri.

We chose each word purposefully:

  • Champion is an action word that describes our commitment to our members. We focus on our three strategic priorities: legislative advocacy, professional development and sales & marketing opportunities.
  • The travel industry is our audience. We serve travel-related businesses, not travelers. We concentrate on initiatives that help grow all members of the travel industry, which differentiates us from other tourism-related organizations in the state.
  • In Missouri is our target geography. We focus on programs that elevate travel & tourism at the state level and help to grow our partners across Missouri.

A vision statement is future-focused and describes our desired end-state. Previously, our organization did not have a vision statement, so we established one. Our  vision statement focuses on what we want to achieve in the future if we are successful in our mission: Grow travel into the number one industry in Missouri.

The board adopted this vision, as it best represents the possibilities if we are successful in growing travel through our key strategic priorities.

We believe these changes will help us better communicate with our members and the public as to who we are and what we are doing to champion Missouri’s travel industry.

Since our founding in 1962, the travel industry has evolved, and so must we. We didn’t take this change lightly.

As we worked to best position our organization to champion Missouri’s travel industry, we needed to clarify who we are…starting with our name. Missouri Travel Council didn’t reflect who the organization is today. “Council” has become a term most associated with government committees and bureaucracy. We needed a name that better conveyed the priorities of what we stand for.

We are a grassroots partnership working to advocate on behalf of Missouri’s travel industry. We are a business-focused lead generator that provides cooperative sales & marketing initiatives. We are an industry-driven alliance that presents professional development and networking opportunities for our members. Our name reflects our strategic directive to serve our partners. We are an alliance. We are Missouri Travel Alliance.

With this change, we took the opportunity to also refresh our look. Our new visual identity represents an evolution, not a departure from our past. The abstract design of intersecting lines in five bold colors symbolizes our five regions. These lines represent the businesses across the state that make up Missouri’s travel industry coming together to form Missouri.

As Missouri’s oldest grassroots travel organization, we continue our strong commitment to Missouri’s travel industry. From smaller family-owned operations to larger corporate entities, our members are valuable and visible parts of Missouri’s travel industry.