Travel License Plates

Travel  License Plates

Promote Missouri as one of the top travel destinations in the United States by purchasing Missouri Travel Alliance License Plates.

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What Our License Plates Depict:

Missouri Travel Council Official License Plate

  • The blue depiction of the Gateway Arch represents the single-most identifiable icon of Missouri.
  • The idea for a transcontinental highway from Chicago to California was conceived in Springfield, the birthplace of Historic Route 66. The Route 66 sign signifies all the communities from St. Louis to Joplin as the highway stretches diagonally across the state.
  • The yellow saxophone represents Kansas City and Missouri’s musical heritage as the birthplace of ragtime music.
  • The fiddle represents Branson and its musical attractions.
  • The Pony Express represents St. Joseph in Northwest Missouri, where riders began their 10-day journey carrying the mail from Missouri to Sacramento, California.
  • The riverboat (created by Washington, MO artist Gary Lucy) represents both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, both of which played vital roles in our country’s expansion.

Funds from the purchase of Missouri Travel Alliance’s license plates provide scholarships for in-state university students majoring in travel and tourism, as well as specially designated marketing efforts. Order your plates today!