Missouri Group Travel Exchange

Missouri Group Travel Exchange brings group travel planners and tourism representatives together for a networking, educational, and business exchange conference.

The event provides for the discovery of new tourism destinations, the reinforcement of existing relationships, and the ability to gain great insight from fellow group travel planners and the tourism industry.

The Exchange consists of three round-robin/speed dating-style sessions consisting of 9-minute appointments allowing planners to meet one-on-one with tourism industry representatives. Group travel planners participate in all three sessions.

Any group travel planner wanting to learn more about planning and executing group tours and exchanging ideas can apply. All delegates must be engaged in a tour planning or decision-making position within their organization. Delegates are expected to participate in the entire conference including taking their own individual set of appointments.

Planner online registration and payment are now open!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2022 Missouri Group Travel Exchange are still available!

Download the Missouri Group Travel Exchange sponsorship information (PDF).