Mission and Vision

Our mission statement states clearly and concisely what our organization stands for: Champion the travel industry in Missouri.

We chose each word purposefully:

  • Champion is an action word that describes our commitment to our members. We focus on our three strategic priorities: legislative advocacy, professional development and sales & marketing opportunities.
  • The travel industry is our audience. We serve travel-related businesses, not travelers. We concentrate on initiatives that help grow all members of the travel industry, which differentiates us from other tourism-related organizations in the state.
  • In Missouri is our target geography. We focus on programs that elevate travel & tourism at the state level and help to grow our partners across Missouri.

Our  vision statement focuses on what we want to achieve in the future if we are successful in our mission: Grow travel into the number one industry in Missouri.

The board adopted this vision, as it best represents the possibilities if we are successful in growing travel through our key strategic priorities.